Welcome to Stewart Mechanical Services

Your qualified & experienced
local mechanic in the north

Our automotive services include:

  • Engine rebuilds
  • Head reconditioning
  • Clutches
  • On-Site Pre Road Worthy Inspections
  • Trans, engine, coolant and brake flushes
  • Diesel engine carbon flushes
  • Timing belts/chains
  • Starter motors
  • Alternators
  • Fitment of customer supplied parts (this includes signing a customer supplied parts form)
  • All servicing
  • A/C system regas and repairs
  • Braking system adjustments, replacement and repairs.
  • Injectors
  • Brake shoes, pads, rotors etc.

Pacemaker King Brown Exhaust Kit

We now fit and supply full pacemaker king brown exhaust kits custom to each vehicle.

Log Book and Minor Servicing by our Experienced Mechanics


  • Braking systems (thickness, hoses, pads, discs)
  • Seatbelts/Mountings
  • All Lights/Instruments
  • All Switches/Controls
  • Horn
  • Wash/Wipe Systems
  • All Pipes/Hoses
  • Any Leaks
  • Suspension & Drive Shaft Joints/Seals
  • Springs
  • Exhaust
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Tyre Condition/Pressure
  • Battery
  • Air Conditioning
  • Wheel Nuts/Bolts
  • Tyre Tread Depth.

  • Any changed filters/parts and Old Oils 

  • From $150 for most 4 cyl. Vehicles.
  • From $170 for most 6 cyl. Vehicles.
  • From $190 for most Diesel and 4WD’s.

We will check filters and add any required filters upon inspection as part of your minor service.

Call for a quote regarding a basic/minor service for trucks, trailers, earth moving, prime movers, forklifts, farm machinery, equipment or any other vehicle/equipment you may have.

Air-conditioning Servicing / Re-Gas / Custom Built A/C hoses


  • Any and all leaks, cracked hoses, broken/damaged parts etc.
  • Anything else we may find during our general check over of your A/C system.

During the general check over offered free with an A/C regas we are also able to supply and fit any/all damaged and/or broken components, compressors, condensers, evaporators and hoses.

We are licenced to store and supply R134A refrigerant gas to keep you icy cold in the warmer weather, and your windscreen clear on those cold days.


  • Basic regas *From $110 for most cars.
  • Leak test or diagnoses only *From $80.
  • Parts and/or repairs are dependant on individual item price and availability.

Call for a quote regarding a Repair and/or Regas for trucks, prime movers, farm machinery, or any other vehicle/equipment you may have.

Our services include, custom made hoses and fitting, regassing using R134a gas (UV is used for leak testing). We offer parts replacement and repair (if possible), plus we are also qualified to nitrogen flush and pressure test your A/C system.

Brakes & Suspension Repairs and Maintence

We can repair and replace pads and rotors on all makes, models and years. We recommend Bendix pads on all cars for the extra use they provide for your vehicle – especially on the front, however, can and do supply and fit other brands if requested.

Batteries of all sizes and shapes

We have most common batteries in stock at all times and those we do not have are able to be ordered and delivered to us the same day, these can also be fitted for you with your old one disposed of free of charge.

  • From only $85 for small cars and $100 for most family-sized vehicles.
  • From $10 to have your new battery fitted and the old one disposed of.
  • Free old battery disposal.

Broken or Damaged Parts

Any other required parts, components, diagnoses, repairs, and the supply of items etc. are all dependant on the price, availability of each item required, workshop consumables needed, and the time it takes to complete each individual job (listed as Labour on your invoice).

Quotes may be requested before a job is started (Labour cost start if diagnoses time is more than 10 minutes, and the scan tool is used).

Pre purchase Inspection On Cars, Trucks and Equipment

Full safety inspections are completed with the car on the hoist and on the ground as well as being test driven. Print out of defect/issue list. These are perfect if you are considering buying a car and do not want to take the risk of buying a lemon and being left to fix the issues around buying the car.